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Web-chat grows your business

For instant information, website visitors prefer live chat. 42% of customers are using chat versus email 23%.

(Source: J.D. Power)

But they’re rarely satisfied – most customer chat experiences end with frustration.

Chat providers care about speed – quick connection times and quick responses.

But here’s the disconnect: consumers care more about getting quality information alongside those rapid responses.

Businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction and not just live chat speed metrics, see huge benefits.

93% stated that when they engage with a brand online, they expect a convenient experience. ‘Deliver the CX They Expect: Customer Experience Trends.’ – Acquia

Consumers are more likely to remain loyal, engage in positive word of mouth, and are 3 times more likely to buy with businesses that provide a great chat experience.

38% of customers have said that they have ended up making a purchase due to a good live chat session.

C4B chat grows sales revenue and customer loyalty. To see how, follow the link below.