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Where AI technology meets our world class reception team. At chat4business we understand some chat leads are more valuable than others. You can now have those valuable leads qualified by one of our highly experienced receptionist and at the same time have all other chats managed by technology, ensuring a premium chat experience at a competitive price point.

If you want some qualification set before human engagement, go ahead. Change and tune your process, go ahead. Important promotion needs short term reception cover, we have you covered.

It’s totally flexible. Our team can offer advice as to how a chat conversation should flow, when to use human operators and when to use automation. The choice is totally up to you. Our best chat processes have all been defined in collaboration with our partners.

  • All valued enquiries handled by a human receptionist
  • Non essential enquiries handled by our intuitive technology
  • Premium chat at a value price point
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benefits of fusion

Website visitors love human interaction on your website. This comes at a cost which is acceptable for some enquiries, but not others. chat4business Fusion is the effective solution to this problem. Humans for sales enquiries and technology for the non-essential enquiries.

Reasons to use the fusion service:

  • Maximise the investment in your website
  • Human interaction where it counts
  • 24/7/365 technology handles non-essential enquiries
  • Easy setup
  • Industry templates
  • 100% customisable
  • 100% follow up for sales enquiries
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how fusion works

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Starting at £149 per month

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