Better relationships = Better conversions

It has been reported there will be a 36% growth in the over 85’s population between 2015 and 2025, suggesting that the demand for beds at care homes will continue to grow and the industry will continue to steadily expand. As providers of health and care services, care homes need to build trust with their prospects. Establishing a strong relationships with prospects is the first step in converting prospects to new residents

Delight your customers.

Good customer experience delights your prospects, develops rapport, and builds trust. Trust is an essential driver of sales, with up to 81% of customers basing their purchase decisions on trust. Trust and customer service are intrinsically linked because customer service is essentially about building relationships. You need to have a great customer experience to build trust with your visitors. Surprisingly, consumer trust is actually declining internationally, suggesting that customer experience is an underexploited competitive advantage and investing in a great experience could yield strong results.

Delivering customer experience in the care industry.

Seeking assistance for your own or someone else’s health can be a worrying process. Implementing a great customer experience can alleviate the stress of this process. Delivering a frictionless service with clear communication, compassion, and credibility is essential. This is an emerging trend being embraced across the health care industry, with 49% of executives looking to invest into their customer experience in the next 5 years. Effective implementation of technology will facilitate this experience, providing the tools to deliver a hyper-personalised, efficient experience.

Why chat

Deliver a brilliant first impression with online chat

Online chat is a key communications channel for your website that allows your visitors to send messages your business. As an instant messaging platform, chat is a great tool for engaging and converting your traffic into prospects. Statistics suggest that chat users are 2.8 times more likely to convert a lead as well as spend 60% more. Up to 1 in 3 users over the age of 55 have used chat, suggesting it is an important and growing method of communication.

Investing in your customer’s relationship with your business will ultimately yield trust, improve your conversions, and drive sales.

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