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getting chat right…


so simple, its comical!

Here at C4B we know that chat is a great sales tool. When chat is available it’s more popular than phone or email.

Chat is getting more popular as the internet generations mature. Customers want to browse online at their convenience; they want instant responses; and they demand a high level of quality.

We researched the market and found that today’s chat products are focused on customer service and technical support. Logical answers are provided to known problems. Artificial Intelligence is frequently used to provide canned responses using chatbots……But these bots can’t sell as well as your sales team!

Simply, we needed to create a chat product that could immediately connect your sales agents and website visitors together!

Our business development team set about designing an online chat product that would ensure rapid response, enable qualified prospects to directly engage with your sales agents and ensure every lead was followed up.

Your sales team are the best at selling your product and c4b provides the opportunity to engage when the customer is ready.

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