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AI technology has come of age and we can assist you in maximising those sales leads. Your busy team can sit back and pick up those fully qualified sales leads in their own time, optimising your website traffic and ensuring you never miss a sales enquiry.

  • Increase sales by engaging with website visitors.
  • Generate leads 24/7/365
  • Allow technology to handle your non-essential enquiries
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benefits of assistant

chat4business Assistant guides your website visitors through a set of structured questions.

Fully customisable, visitors can be fully qualified before being connected with your sales team through SMS and email invitations. Non-essential enquiries can be handled by our intuitive technology.

Reasons to use the assistant service:

  • Generate sales leads 24/7/365
  • Enhance your customers website experience
  • Exceptional ROI
  • Maximise your online investment
  • Customise to suit your business
  • Industry templates for easy setup
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how assistant works

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Starting at £59 per month

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