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We appreciate that people buy from people and how much you have invested in achieving your premium brand. This is where our highly empathetic and skilled reception team are able to personally greet your customers, qualify the sales leads and connect your website visitors to your sales team.

Our reception team are focussed on sales enquiries. They undergo rigorous training and continuous quality checks making them the best sales chat operators that our customers have found.

chat4business has been providing this service since 2019 and the results have been amazing.

  • Personal human interactions for every enquiry
  • Proven to increase sales leads
  • Proven to increase job enquiries
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benefits of connect

When all your enquiries require a personal touch. chat4business Connect uses our world class reception team to handle all engagements through the chat function. Once qualified, your team can be invited to join the conversation to take the visitor to the next stage in the sale process.

Reasons to use the connect service:

  • Personal human engagement
  • Total control for complex enquiries
  • Connect your team for qualified sales leads
  • 100% customisable
  • 100% follow up to sales enquiries
  • 100% managed service
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how connect works

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