Generally, selecting care is a personal and emotional process. It requires the empathy and knowledge that is sewn within the fabric of successful care businesses.

Managed Chat services use a combination of software and receptionists to engage prospects whilst browsing your website and researching options. They will seek to capture contact information and basic requirements before e-mailing the enquiry through to you.

The developers at UK based C4B identified several shortcomings with these traditional managed chat services in relation to sales in the Care sector. First and foremost was the lack of rapport building with the prospect. Linked to this was the lack of relevant qualification and finally was a lack of immediate follow-up.

Establish Trust

Rapport is important in high involvement purchases and is normally built through product knowledge and personality. The problem with traditional managed chat services when selling your product is that the provider will have at best, a static and basic understanding of your product. Availability and type of care often go unanswered and the ‘conversation’ is limited. The initial conversation necessarily ends with the comment that the enquiry will be passed on, leaving the prospect to click away without knowing what happens next.

Identify Requirements

Qualifying a prospect is more than just gathering name, email address and phone number. This first impression will never happen again and taking an interest in the prospects circumstances is key to helping them buy your service.

Maintain communication

Follow-up confirms that a conversation has been registered and provides the comfort to the visitor that they are in your system. Customised comments confirming visits or next steps enable your sales team to control this early stage of the relationship.

The C4B Solution

To address these issues, C4B Connect engages the website visitor within 5 seconds of launching a chat. We qualify that the visitor is a prospect and we invite your sales team to join the chat then and there. The prospect is continually engaged and further qualified. Ideally, one of your sales team join during the qualification process and work their magic in booking a visit to your home. When the salesperson ends the conversation, a wrap-up email will be displayed on their screen which can either be sent directly or customised and sent. This wrap-up email contains a template message with your branding and a transcript of the chat conversation. This is addressed to the prospect with a copy to your team or directly into your CRM.

If your sales team are unavailable, the C4B receptionists will complete the chat and send the wrap-up email on your behalf.

C4B Connect does not use bots. Choosing residential or nursing care is by definition a personal experience. Within our target age group, bots are not looked at favourably and are likely to trigger a negative response. We are keeping an open mind for the future.

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