Product Features - In Message Marketing

In Message Marketing

Give your promotions and key messages maximum impact by using them during an interactive session with your prospects.

The chat4business fusion product enables videos, images and gifs to be used within any chat session. In fact, pretty much anything you see on a website can be used within a fusion chat session. The possibilities of creating engaging interactive experiences with your customers are endless.

Grab attention with a video headline, create graphical selections or define a whole workflow mixing text, image and video to set yourself apart from the competition.

Try our fun-demo for a taster of what you could create to engage with your website visitors.

The team at chat4business are so excited about this feature that we would love to discuss your ideas and add them to our portfolio.

It’s a truly flexi-bubble experience!

in message marketing

Call, chat or email, we would love to hear from you.

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